Culturing polychaetes w/out fresh, unfiltered seawater

Floyd Sandford FSANDFOR at
Mon Jun 28 16:47:05 EST 1999

We are in Iowa, away from a source of fresh, unfiltered sea

We hope to maintain the polychaete Pectinaria gouldii  in
captivity to carry out some behavioral studies.  Has anyone
had any experience with captive maintenance of this species
or with others that might be similar?  In terms of feeding
would placing Tetramin flakes on the surface of the sand
suffice or do better alternatives exist?  Any help or advice
would be welcomed.

Floyd R. Sandford                    Phone: (319)-399-8576
Dept. of Biology, Coe College   FAX:    (319)-399-8748
Cedar Rapids,  IA,  52402         e-mail: 
fsandfor at

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