For the nomenclature-inclined polychaetologists

James A. Blake jablake at
Wed Mar 24 21:24:55 EST 1999

Hi again folks,

I agree that the status of Pherusea should be examined, but let me throw 
out another thought.  Why is not the family still Chloreamidae?  Consider 
that generic synonymy does not eliminate a family name. I cite for 
example, the family Longosomatidae the type genus of which, Longosoma, 
is a junior synonym of Heterospio.  In this case, Longosomatidae continues 
as the family name despite the fact that the type genus is in synonymy.  

Just thought I would put a little more mud on the water.


James A. Blake
ENSR Marine & Coastal Center
Woods Hole, MA
<jablake at>

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