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Chloraemidae, Pherusidae, Flabelligeridae

Tom Perkins STP 813-896-8626 PERKINS_T at epic7.dep.state.fl.us
Thu Mar 25 17:10:16 EST 1999

Hello all,

Actually the Article 40 is fairly clear.  Saint-Joseph proposed
Flabelligeridae as a replacement family name for (using the idae
ending) three other family names: Chloraemidae Quatrefages, 1849,
Pherusidae Grube, 1850, and Siphostomidae, Johnston (not
available because the name is preoccupied), stating that
Flabelligera Sars was a senior synonym of Chloraema Dujardin, the
type species of both Chloraema and Flabelligera being the same
animal.  Pherusidae, Chloraemidae and Flabelligeridae are
subjective synonymic names for the same group of animals, and the
rule applies to all three.  

Thus, if Flabelligeridae, as of today, has become generally
accepted, and I certainly believe that is the case, it is to be
maintained.  This is a nomenclature stability problem.  If
polychaetologists do not agree that Flabelligeridae has been
generally accepted, then the rule states the case must be
referred to the Commission.  What is needed is documentation of
usage of the three names (It would seem that Pherusidae is out
because it has only been used once (by Grube, 1850).  

There is a similar case in the Mollusca, outlined recently in the
publication: Turgeon, D. D. et al., 1998, "Common and Scientific
Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the United States and Canada,
Mollusks", Second Edition, American Fisheries Society Special
Publication 26, page 287.  The family name Ellobiidae H. and A.
Adams, was accepted by the authors of the above publication.  The
group had been recently reviewed by two authors who both used the
above family name, which had been extensively used since the
1920s. One of the authors argued that for reasons of
nomenclatural stability the case should be referred to the
Commission.  Older names involved were Auriculidae Lamarck, 1809,
and Melampidae (sic,= Melampodidae) Stimpson, 1851.  The authors
of the AFS publication agreed that the name Ellobiidae had been
generally accepted and that Article 40b applied.


A. M. de F. Martins, 1996, Malacologia 37(2): 163-332.

K. Harbeck, 1996, Zool. Verhandl. 305:1-133.


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