Chloraemidae, Pherusidae, Flabelligeridae

Fredrik Pleijel fredrik.pleijel at
Fri Mar 26 05:17:24 EST 1999

Well, to us it seems as if there is consensus on that Flabelligeridae
should be kept, and we will continue to use that name. As we do believe,
however, that it  is threatened by Pherusidae (by the Code), we accordingly
choose to close our eyes. If anyone thinks this is bad behaviour then we
propose this person to write the application (we're not so keen on the
Code-stuff anyhow).

As to Geoff's comments he seems to be arguing how he want things to be
rather than what the Code states. We maintain that if we want to adhere to
the Code then it's either Pherusidae or an application to preserve
Flabelligeridae. This is not a question of "code wrangling".  Although we
certainly do agree that the Code is weird  (but possibly for different

Fred & Greg

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