Serpula vermicularis

Elena Kupriyanova lena at
Fri Mar 26 19:43:32 EST 1999

Dear Paula (and all Annelidians),

You are probably aware that "cosmopolitan Serpula vermicularis" is a
complex of many more or less similar species. Therefore, any ecological
information on "Serpula vermicularis" found reasonably far away from
European waters may refer to a different Serpula species. A paper of
mine dealing with 3 Serpula species (S. vermicularis s. str. from
Northern Atlantic, S. columbiana from the west coast of the USA, and  S.
uschakovi sp.n. from the Russian Far East) that were previously confused
under the name Serpula vermicularis will be published in next issue of

I will be happy to mail reprints to anyone who might be interested.

Best wishes,

Lena Kupriyanova
<lena at>

Paula Pereira wrote:

> Dear all,
> Does anyone know of any location(s) where Serpula vermicularis forms
> "reefs" besides Loch Creran (West of Scotland) and Ardbear Lough
> (Ireland)?
> Any information about their ecology and habitat are welcome.

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