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Geoff Read at
Mon Nov 1 20:08:34 EST 1999

> I recall Linda Warren giving a talk at a polychaete meeting that Chris 
> Mettam organised in Cardiff (I think) in which she presented some data 
> on the utility of staining patterns in identification. I don't know if Linda or 
> anyone else can shed any light on this?  

As I'm not sure that Linda Warren is on the list I'll contribute this  .... I 
believe for the end result see Fig. 2 in:   

Warren, L. M., P. A. Hutchings, & S. Doyle. 1994. A revision of the 
genus  Mediomastus Hartman, 1944 (Polychaeta: Capitellidae).— 
Records of the Australian Museum, 46:227-256.

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