Culture from tegumentary cells from leeches

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Tue Nov 9 16:22:18 EST 1999

Yes, more or less a duplicate message of one not long ago. If anyone can 
suggest a place, person, or list where Alexandra can ask to get this sort of 
information (apparently not within the expertise of Annelida) please reply 
directly  to her. -- GBR (Moderator)

	Hello to everybody! I'm a new member of annelida list.
	I would like to obtain a cell culture from tegument from a leech
and I don't know exactly what am I suppose to do in order to get this (I
mean I don't know exactly what kind of medium I have to use and what are
the optimal conditions for these kind of cells to grow). I would highly
appreciate if there is anybody who can give me some hints in these

	Thank you all, Alexandra

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