Palouse worm

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Sun Nov 28 16:03:37 EST 1999

>Please. Where can I get info. about the Palouse worm of Washington 
>state that grows up to 18 inches long?         Thanks.     
>jdmeissner at  

There is not much information to get. It is called Driloleirus americanus. It 
lives in the Palouse area in grassland and shrublands, and has been found 
so far near Ellensburg WA, Pullman WA, Clarkston WA and Lewiston ID. It 
makes fairly deep burrows, it eats a diet rich in organic matter, and is 
endangered or threatened, so don't go out digging them up.  

The regional authorities on the worm and others from the Pacific NW are 
W. Michael Fender and his mother, Dorothy McKey-Fender.  She is at 835 
Ashwood Avenue, McMinnville, OR.  

If you need any further help and cannot contact the Fenders, let me know.

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