Capitella again

Jack Pearce buzbay at
Sun Oct 3 15:53:26 EST 1999

Hi all,

Following up on Jim's note, in re: to contacting the ZMUC, I would 
suggest Mary Peterson as a key contact at Ithe Zool. Mus., U. of 
Kobenhavn, DK. She may be on this group mailing.  

Cheers, Jack B. Pearce, North American  Editor
             Marine Pollution Bulletin

P.S. Given the past use of group Capitella as an indicator, this entire 
discussion is extremely important, altho seemingly arcane, to the fields of 
marine pollution monitoring and experimental ecology; I see several 
manuscripts/month on the use of Capitella.  

James Blake wrote:

> Just a note say that C. capitata's type locality is Greenland, not Naples. Sorry
> for the mental lapse.  I am leaving for sea Monday and am a little stressed out.
> In this context, I suppose there are some good collections of Capitella from
> various Greenland locations in the ZMUC.

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