Complexity and perplexity

Tom Parker tparker at
Tue Oct 5 16:42:42 EST 1999

Geoff Read wrote:

> I'm perplexed (or should it be prplxd?). Is  vowel aversion going to be
> the new expressive social phenomenon - like shaven heads or tongue studs? 
> I don't think so. I expect most people have  no difficulty striking the
> extra letters on the keyboard, do not think that abbreviated words  have
> extra magic powers, are able to use database fields of 100's of 
> characters, and so have no reason to  adopt 'cmplx' for 'complex.' 


You make a good point.  My use of "cmplx" was just a repeating of the term 
adopted by the SCAMIT folks under the Conventions section of the 
SCAMIT List, Edition 3, page 4-5.  

I don't recall if there was any specific rationale for dropping the vowel.  

bye for now,

Tom Parker
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