Canary Islands: Pilargids

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Dear colleagues,

Langerhans (1881) described several polychaetes from Puerto de la 
Orotova, Tenerife, Canary Islands. Among them was Ancistrosyllis albini, 
which after the review by Pettibone (1966) is regarded as the type 
species of Synelmis Chamberlin 1919. She also regarded this species as 
a senior synonym to S. simplex Chamberlin, from Rangiroa Island, 
Paumotu Islands in the French Polynesia.  

Together with Harlan Dean, we are preparing a note on Synelmis and 
have already reviewed some specimens from Cape Vert Islands and 
some other type materials. However, we have been unable to see any S. 
albini from the Canary Islands.  

Jorge Nunez, our expert on Canary Islands polychaetes, has been very 
helpful but he lacks any specimen of this species. I wonder if any reader 
in this mailing list might have traveled there and have some pilargids that I 
could see.  

Thanks a lot for your help. Un abrazo,


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