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 Advertisement of Postdoctoral Research Associates

Applications are now invited for two postdoctoral research associate 
positions in my  laboratory at the Hong Kong University of Science and 
Technology.  Both posts are open immediately.  The university requires 
that the candidates must have their Ph.D. degree by the time of assuming 
their duty (or at least certain evidence for completion of Ph.D. degree 

 Position 1:  Chemical Ecologist

Duties: To study the chemical communication between settling larvae and 
chemical properties of substratum.   The candidate will team up with a 
postdoc (chemist) and Ph.D. student in my laboratory to study cues that 
either induce or inhibit larval settlement of marine invertebrates, 
particularly major fouling organisms in Hong Kong waters.   She/he shall 
have a good background in analytic chemistry, the procedures and 
facilities for chemical extraction and separation. Some experience on 
larval biology of marine invertebrates will be helpful but not essential.  

 Position 2: Benthic ecologist (preferably on polychaetes or echinoderms)

Duties: To help in managing projects on environmental impact 
assessment (EIA) on benthic community.   She/he shall have a good 
background in marine benthic invertebrates (preferably with experience 
in polychaete systematics).  Strong background in biostatistics is 
essential.  Since the candidate needs to spend about 20-30% of his/her 
time on EIA project, he/she shall be an active research on polychaete 
biology (preferably on either reproductive or larval biology or benthic 
community ecology).  


The salary for postdoctoral research associate at this university is about 
HK$25,000 per month (1US$=HK$7.76), depending on the working 
experience. The successful candidate will also receive medical and 
dental insurance. Fund will also be available for the postdoc to attend 
international conference.  However, it is stipulated by the government 
policy that there will not be any moving expenses for the postdoc.  The 
initial offer will be for one year but with second year renewable.  

 Application Procedures
Candidates are invited to send their c.v. and two reference letters to me 
directly either through e-mail or through fax and the position will remain 
open until being filled (hope not to be later than early spring).  

    Dr. Pei-Yuan Qian
    Associate Professor In Biology
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
    E-mail:boqianpy at
    Fax: 0852-2358-1559
    Tel: 0852-2358-7331

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