Capitella capitata's type locality

Geoff Read at
Mon Oct 11 18:12:38 EST 1999

> Sorry to refute Geoff's helpful comment, but "Pullateriak" is not a place
> but the Greenlandic name of the worm referred to by Fabricius as
> Lumbricus capitatus. 

:-)  Two hundred years plus later I think we know which we would  prefer 
he had recorded.  In  defense of my mistaken assumption the word 
Pullateriak does follow the word GROENL. on a line of their own, & double-
spaced from anything else. But I see now that if it was a place name the 
nereids, for instance, would be mostly recorded from the same locality - 
Sengiarak. Very suspicious!    

 Thanks Mary.  


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