DNA from Formalin fixed polychaete specimens

Pierre CHEVALDONNE chevaldonne at com.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Oct 21 04:48:31 EST 1999

Dear All,

I want to comment briefly on the DNA from FFEP specimens issue. I've 
had the same kind of experience as Aparna Palmer mentioned. Do not 
have too much confidence in the technology. Yes, many protocols have 
been published, and yes, it is a fact that FFEP (Formalin Fixed Ethanol 
Preserved) specimens can yield good quality DNA. But you will definitely 
endure a lot of frustration before you can actually obtain some data.   

I did try to get DNA from large FFEP polychaetes and crabs for about 
three months using published protocols; without success. Finally it did 
work for ONE shrimp sample, but I gave up on the worms.   

So, I am glad there is a new protocol available, but I still think it is a very 
tricky business.  

Aparna, please send me your protocol, I'll be glad to give it a try one of
these days.

Thank you.

Dr. Pierre Chevaldonne
Cave & Deep-Sea Biology Group
CNRS, Station Marine d'Endoume
Centre d'Oceanologie de Marseille
Rue de la Batterie des Lions
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