DNA from Formalin fixed polychaete specimens

msatterw at lcsc.edu msatterw at lcsc.edu
Thu Oct 21 15:51:28 EST 1999

My two cents worth....

Speaking as a chemist, Formalin is highly reactive and probably 
derivatizes the DNA. The extent of the derivatization probably 
depends on the length of exposure, temperature in storage, the 
concentration of formalin and other factors such as stabilizers, etc. 
It doesn't surprise me that the results are variable, since samples 
vary in size, permeability, thickness, etc. If possible you might try 
sampling tissue from a more isolated section of the preserved 

On 21 Oct 99, at 2:48, Pierre CHEVALDONNE wrote:
> I want to comment briefly on the DNA from FFEP specimens issue. I've
> had the same kind of experience as Aparna Palmer mentioned. Do not
> have too much confidence in the technology. 

msatterw at lcsc.edu

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