Research Assistantship - Molecular Systematics of Annelids

Damhnait McHugh dmchugh at MAIL.COLGATE.EDU
Thu Oct 28 16:24:32 EST 1999

SUMMARY: A Research Assistant is sought to participate in an NSF-
funded research project on the phylogenetic relationships of a group of 
marine annelids and the evolution of their larval developmental modes. The 
Research Assistant will help in collecting nuclear and mitochondrial DNA 
sequence data for phylogenetic analysis; the results will allow the pattern of 
change in larval development throughout the evolutionary history of the 
group to be inferred, and will provide the basis for a re-classification of the 

POSITION: Research Assistant
Molecular systematics and phylogeny of annelids
NSF-funded salary ($24,000 plus benefits)
Full-time, one to two years
Department of Biology, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 13346

STARTING DATE: January, 2000

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for completion RNA preparations, 
cDNA sysnthesis, PCR amplifications, automated sequencing, data 
management and analysis.  Other duties will include monitoring lab 
equipment and supplies, and general lab management.  May help to train 
students and visitors in DNA sequencing techniques, and may oversee 
their work.  Related duties as required.  

QUALIFICATIONS:	B.Sc. or M.Sc. in biology, with previous experience in 
molecular techniques, including DNA and RNA isolation, PCR and RT-
PCR, automated DNA sequencing and cloning.  Ability to lift heavy objects 
and work with some hazardous materials (phenol, chloroform, 
formaldehyde). Familiarity with sequencing software and phylogenetic 
analysis preferred.  

TO APPLY: Send letter of interest, resume (including curriculum vitae and 
names of three references) to: Damhnait McHugh, Biology Department, 
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 13346, U.S.A. 
(dmchugh at; FAX: 315-228-7997)  

Damhnait McHugh

Department of Biology
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 13346, U.S.A.
Tel: (315) 228-7339 
Fax: (315) 228-7997
dmchugh at

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