Methyl blue/ Methyl green

Marie Pendle EG CEFAS M.A.Pendle at
Thu Oct 28 16:32:03 EST 1999

Hello everyone,

		Following a conversation with a colleague today, I was wondering 
how many others use the above mentioned stains as an aid to polychaete 
identification?  We use them to accentuate chaetal lobes (Nephtys, 
Glycera etc.), but I vaguely recall hearing that some animals produce 
characteristic patterns when these stains are used - does anyone know of 
any literature published, or is this one of those tools that gets used in-
house only?  I would be pleased to get any information  

Many thanks
Marie Pendle	
CEFAS Burnham Laboratory
Remembrance Avenue
Essex.  CM0 8HA
01621 787200 ext. 243/246/204
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