Methyl blue/ Methyl green

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Thu Oct 28 20:22:52 EST 1999

> I vaguely recall hearing that some animals produce 
> characteristic patterns when these stains are used - does anyone know of 
> any literature published, or is this one of those tools that gets used in-
> house only?  

If Banse (1970) is any guide Methyl green staining was perhaps first used 
on polychaetes by Hofsommer (1913). Brigitte Hilbig's (1996) Cossura 
paper is a recent good example amongst several presenting staining 

Banse, K. 1970. The small species of Euchone Malmgren 
(Sabellidae, Polychaeta).— Proceedings of the Biological Society of 
Washington, 83(35):387-408.

Hofsommer, A. 1913. Die Sabelliden-Ausbeute der Poseidon-
Fahrten und die Sabelliden der Kieler Bucht.— Wissenschaftliche 
Meeresuntersuchungen, Kiel, neue Folge, 15:305-364.

Hilbig, B. 1996. Family Cossuridae Day, 1963.  Pp. 385-404 
in J. A. Blake, B. Hilbig and P. H. Scott (eds.), Taxonomic 
Atlas of the Benthic Fauna of the Santa Maria Basin and 
Western Santa Barbara Channel. Volume 6. The Annelida Part 
3. Polychaeta: Orbiniidae to Cossuridae, Vol. 6, Santa 
Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara.

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