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Dear list-mates,

After a lasting literature review, plus the help from individual researchers 
and Annelida members, I have been able to trace the reproductive modes 
of 80% of the species found in a polychate survey from the Canary 

I have a final list of species no-one seems to know/guess/have come 
accross/have explored into their reproducive strategy, whether 
planktotrophic (PLK), lecitotrophic (LEC) or direct development (DD).  

Does anyone know how do the following 10 polychaete taxa reproduce? (I 
attach my guess from refs from taxonomic relatives):  

1/ (Amphinomidae) Chloeia viridis: DD, Kudenov 1977.

2/ (Amphynomidae) Eurythoe chilensis: no reference found.

3/ (Capitellidae) Capitomastus minimus: no reference found despite Jamieson
& Rouse1989. May not even be a valid sp according to Linda Warren.

4/ (Chrysopetalidae) Bhawania reyssi: PLK, Blake 1975.

5/ (Eunicidae) Nematonereis unicornis: no reference found.   ? LEC

6/ (Nereidae) Neanthes caudata and N. rubicunda: DD or LEC, Smith 1950,
Fischer & Dhainaut 1985........LEC at a guess

7/ (Orbiniidae) Scolaricia sp.: LEC or DD, Anderson 1961, Gibbs 1968.
Probably LEC 

8/ (Paraonidae) Cirrophorus spp.: DD, Rasmussen 1973, Curtis 1977

9/ (Questidae) Questa caudicirra: unknown despite Jamieson & Rouse 1989

10/ (Serpulidae) Ditrupa arietina: unknown    could be anything

Thank you in advance.

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