Recent additions to the UK marine fauna

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Some of you may be interested in looking out for two recent additions to 
the UK estuarine/marine fauna, especially those people working in  
estuaries in southern UK.  

Desdemona ornata is a small sabellid, superficially similar to Manayunkia 
aestuarina or Fabricia sabella. It has been recorded by Aquatic 
Environmental Consultants from Southampton Water, the Medina estuary 
(Isle of Wight) and from the Kingsbridge estuary. In fact we haven't done 
a recent survey of a southern England estuary where it wasn't present, 
so it seems to be expanding very rapidly.  

Grandidierella japonica is an aorid amphipod (though taxonomists 
disagree on which family it belongs to). It occurs with Aora gracilis in 
some locations in Southampton Water. The highest density recorded was 
5800 per sq. metre, making it one of the most abundant amphipods in our 

Both species have probably come in via ballast water, though we can't prove that.

If you want to see descriptions please look at:

Smith, P; Perrett, J; Garwood, P and Moore, G (1999). Two additions to 
the UK marine fauna: Desdemona ornata Banse, 1957 (Polychaeta, 
Sabellidae) and Grandidierella japonica Stephensen, 1938 (Amphipoda, 
Gammaridea). Newsletter of the Porcupine Marine Natural History 
Society, Number 2, p8-11, July 1999.  

If any of you come across specimens I would be interested in knowing locations etc.



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