Polychaete textbook?

Chris Glasby c.glasby at niwa.cri.nz
Sun Sep 5 18:03:50 EST 1999

Matthew R. Lee wrote:
>     I have a simple question (famous last words) I'm looking for a
> polychaete textbook, covering the biology/ecology of polychaetes. I'm
> looking for general information on life cycles, reproductive modes,
> growth, physiology (with respect to environmental variables (salinity
> temp. etc.)), you get the picture.  Any recommendations? 

In addition to the suggestions of Geoff and Barrie I can add that the Fauna 
of Australia volume on Polychaeta, Myzostomida, Pogonophora, Echiura, 
Sipuncula is nearing completion - it is in the early page proof stage.  

The 'polychaete' part (excluding myzos, pogs and ?echiurans)  comprises 
about 300 pp and includes specific chapters on natural history (including 
physiology, reproduction, life cycles etc) and ecology of polychaetes, as 
well as others on phylogeny, biogeography and fossils; also these topics are 
covered in more detail in each of the family-level chapters.  

Stay tuned for notification of its publication and purchase details.


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