Polychaete Textbook?

Dorresteijn dorreste at mail.uni-mainz.de
Mon Sep 6 06:27:51 EST 1999

Dear Matthew and Colleagues,

I would like to highlight the upcoming volume 402 of Hydrobiologia with 
the title "Reproductive Strategies and Developmental Patterns in Annelids" 
under the editorship of Prof. Westheide and myself, the largest part of 
which covers the polychaetes. The chapters of that volume are based on 
the contributions at an international meeting with the same title in 
September 1997 at Osnabrueck. Kluwer Academic Press is now 
preparing the final version and we expect it to appear in 
November/December of this year.  

Yours wormly,


Prof. Dr. Adriaan Dorresteijn
Universität Mainz
Zoologisches Institut Abt. 1
55099 Mainz
Tel.: 06131-394273
Email: dorreste at mail.uni-mainz.de

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