Polydora sp.

Michel ROPERT Michel.Ropert at ifremer.fr
Wed Sep 8 06:18:51 EST 1999

Dear annelidians,

I have a question about Polydora (polychaete spionidae). We search a 
fast and efficient method to evaluate the oyster (Crassostrea gigas) 
infestation level by the polychaete Polydora (mainly P. ciliata and P. 
hoplura). For the moment, we assess by numbering of the visible 
galleries on the valve interior face. This technique is not totally 
satisfactory because this technique doesn't allow to see juveniles.  

My questions is:
Does it exist an efficient technique to take Polydora out of their
gallery? Thus we would can count directly animals rather than tubes.
Perhaps someone have few papers about these method or similar. 

Thank you very much.

mropert at ifremer.fr

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