Polydora sp.

Stephanie & Mark LLeonart slleonartm at vision.net.au
Mon Sep 13 06:04:29 EST 1999

Dear Michel,

To drive  "mudworms" such as P.hoplura and related species from their 
burrows a mixture of 0-dichlorobenzene and phenol solutions can be 
used. I use 100 ppm and 500 ppm respectively. Several hours exposure 
are required and this is some what temperature dependent. An overnight 
exposure after being set up the previous afternoon will drive most adult 
worm from the shells but may kill or degrade settling larvae making 
identification difficult. Mackenzie & Shearer 1959 (from memory) was an 
early paper on the subject.  

Mark LL
<slleonartm at vision.net.au>

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