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In the family Onuphidae the styles of palps and antennae have very 
conspicuous sensory structures.  They consist of semicircles to full circles 
(up to 10 micrometer diameter) of pores with smaller pores and cilia in the 
centre.  They are particularly well developed in the genus Diopatra where I 
have used them as a diagnostic character.  In most species they are flat, 
while in others they are raised like little papillae and occur in more or less 
regular longitudinal rows.  They were described as 'Sinnesknospen' or 
sensory buds by Pflugfelder (1929).  I assume they are combined 
sensory/secretory structures but have not done any TEM studies of them.  
For SEM photos see: Records of the Australian Museum 38 (1986):page 8 
Fig. 4 OR Zoologica Scripta 27 (1998): page 34 Fig. 2.  

Cheers, Hannelore.

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