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Brigitte Hilbig FB7A070 at
Mon Sep 20 18:00:40 EST 1999

Dear colleagues,

Dr. Gesa Hartmann-Schroeder just informed me that the publisher of her 
latest book, Annelida, Borstenwuermer, Polychaeta (second revised 
edition) is about to go belly-up and is fusing with another publisher. As 
usual, such a fusion goes along with a loss of quality and conscience, and 
the new publisher apparently does not feel as much of an obligation 
towards scientific books for a somewhat specialized clientele and thus is 
trying to get rid of a number of such books.  They sent about 40 of her 
books to Dr. Hartmann-Schroeder, who is now selling them from her house 
(she retired from the Zoological museum Hamburg a few years ago) for 28 
US Dollars or 50 Marks a piece.  

Personally, I think it is a shame to have to sell a book like that practically in 
a yard sale, but of course this is a nice opportunity for people with little 
money to get a standard work on polychaetes of the North Sea.   

If you would like to get a book, please write to Dr. 
Hartmann-Schroeder and add a check for the amount mentioned above  
Her address is:

Dr. Gesa Hartmann-Schroeder
Werenbergstrasse 26
D-38640 Goslar

Unfortunately, the Hartmann's don't have email.  If you have some 
questions, you can write to me as well.  

With polychaetous regards,

Brigitte Hilbig
Zoological Institute and Zoological Museum
Martin Luther King-Platz 3
D20146 Hamburg
Tel. +40.42838.6558
Fax +40.42838.3937
email: fb7a070 at

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