I am OK, from Taipei

Hsieh zohl at ccvax.sinica.edu.tw
Tue Sep 21 23:27:50 EST 1999

  Dear all my friends:

I am well, thank all of you very much for the concern.  When I am 
sending this e-mail, I am stopped by another earthquake.  The people on 
the island are still under threat and fright.  A series of earthquake will 
continue to come, but do wish it becomes smaller and smaller and 
causes no more death. Taipei City is backing to normal gradually, but 
electric power goes on and off.  Many towns in central Taiwan are 
severely damaged.  It is really a catastrophic earthquake we have ever 

Knowing that Russia, USA, Singapore, Switerland, Japan, and other 
countries are sending their people to help in excavating those burried in 
debris,  thank you and thank you very much.  

With warm regards, Hwey Lian  
<zohl at ccvax.sinica.edu.tw>

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