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Thu Sep 30 18:30:25 EST 1999

Geoff Read wrote:
> When will someone come up with the definitive name for Capitella type I, or
> otherwise sort the whole naming mess out? Please tell me it is in progress.

> Further, a common phraseology used is "The cosmopolitan polychaete
> Capitella capitata, known as a complex of sibling species"


In Southern California this name useage has bounced around for a number 
of years.  When creating the third edition of the SCAMIT Taxonomic 
Listing, local workers adopted a convention for taxa "recognized as having 
a high degree of poorly defined variability and may belong to an 
incompletely discriminated group or species".  

This may not be perfect but it results our having a reference and standard 
of name useage for such taxa.  We append the term Cmplx (for the term 
"complex") at the the end of the species name - not part of the species 

Here workers use the listing: Capitella capitata Cmplx.  Our synonomy list 
includes this listing with the notation "of authors North East Pacific, not 
Fabricius 1780".  

Would be glad to hear any comments on such a convention.

bye for now,

Tom Parker
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