Polychaete bibliography on the WEB

Linda Ward Ward.Linda at NMNH.SI.EDU
Tue Apr 4 17:08:30 EST 2000

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Fabian Haas of the Universität Ulm, Germany 
the Polychaete Bibliography is now available on the WEB.  The URL of his 
site is given below.  One can search on the following fields: author, date, 
title, journal, keyword, notes and our reprint id. number.  Family names 
were added as keywords to many but not all of the articles and can be 
searched for in the Keyword field.  (I did notice in my experiments with this 
that the keywords are not appearing on the screen in the individual records 
but they can be searched.)  Lists of taxa have been added for many of the 
papers and they can be searched for in the Notes field.  Searching the 
notes field is very fast. 

My thanks to Dr. Haas for making this data available in a new format.  I 
hope others find it of use.   


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