'Notecards' in Ward & Fauchald, 1997 database

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.cri.nz
Thu Apr 6 22:39:24 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of a query from Mary Petersen I have discovered that the 
'notecards' data in the Papyrus version of Linda's 1997 database were not 
exported to the EndNote version (and are also not in Fabian Haas's online 

I am an EndNote convert, and it is a long time since I did any tinkering in 
Papyrus, but at the moment, subject to advice from Linda, I can see only 4 
references affected (listed below). These are 4 works where there were 
very long lists of taxa.   

I will follow this up, and, if I can, make the taxa lists available for download 
as a mini EndNote library.

Campoy, A. 1979. Lista de especies de Anelidos Poliquetos conocidas de las 
costas de la Peninsula Iberica.— Investigación Pesquera, 43(3):737-766.

Day, J. H., & P. A. Hutchings. 1979. An annotated check-list of Australian and 
New Zealand Polychaeta, Archiannelida and Myzostomida.— Records of the 
Australian Museum, 32(3):80-161.

Fauchald, K. 1977. The polychaete worms. Definitions and keys to the orders, 
families and genera.— Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 
Science Series, 281-188.

Straughan, D., & R. W. Klink. 1980. A taxonomic listing of common marine 
invertebrate species from southern California.— Technical Reports of the Allan 
Hancock Foundation, 31-281.


  Geoff Read <g.read at niwa.cri.nz>

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