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Dear Serge (et al.),

Trocheta subviridis Dutrochet, 1817 is a well known predator of 
earthworms and insect larvae. It has a wide distribution in West, South 
and Southeast Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Sachalin, etc.  It was first 
recorded by Dutrochet near Chateau-Renard, France, and some of the 
subsequent Oriental records for this species may be misidentifications 
(see Harding, W.A., 1910, Parisitology 3:183-186).   

Does its red book listing for Ukraine imply that this species is endemic 

I know it only because a predatory leech was found in earthworm beds in 
Queensland and initially this species was suspected although Fred 
Govedich later identified the culprit as an Australian native, see



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