Conserved and protected worms

Geoff Read gread at
Mon Apr 24 18:46:13 EST 2000

In New Zealand there are a handful of polychaete worms which we 
believe to be quite rare (because we've actively looked for them)  though 
not yet on any protected list.  

_Boccardiella magniovata_ (Read) now has its estuarine type locality, the 
only place it was found abundantly, covered over by a river protection 
bank. I personally have never collected it anywhere else and only a 
couple of other locations where single individuals have been taken are 
known. (The eggs are disproportionately large at 500 um for a worm less 
than 1300 um wide).    

_Spio aequalis_ Ehlers, intertidal and a giant amongst spionids, thus not 
easy to overlook,  has not been seen for 50 years. Read about it at:

Incidentally the missing Schauinsland type specimens were refound 
recently at Bremen. The worm in the British Museum is Benham's and not 
a type.    

The freshwater namanereid _Namanereis tiriteae_ (Winterbourn) has 
never been refound at its type locality, but has turned up at a couple of 
other places.  

Another area where polychaetes enter the thoughts of conservationists 
relates to their constructions. In New Zealand there has been some 
interest in possibly protecting certain inlets with large underwater 
_Galeolaria hystrix_ Morch reefs.    

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