Freshwater Megascolecidae

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Tue Apr 25 20:03:33 EST 2000

There are probably a couple of thousand species in Megascolecidae, none 
that I know of have reproducing populations in freshwater.  Although such 
'true' earthworms (or their cocoons) are ocassionally reported from water 
courses and streams that act as dispersal agents, it is other oligochaete, 
especially microdrile, families that live and breed in aquatic habitats.   

I cannot find records of Amynthas minimus (Horst, 1893) nor Amynthas 
diffringens (Baird, 1869), which is now Amynthas corticis (Kinberg, 1867), 
from streams although the latter species has been reported from "muddy 
pool and stream banks".   Gates (1972: 179) says this species is believed 
to suffocate compratively quickly in water and to die after a few days in wet 
clay or marly clay soil. Reference: Gates, G.E. (1972) Burmese 
Earthworms.  Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. Vol 62(7). 


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