Trochophores etc.

sashka sashka at
Fri Apr 28 16:34:10 EST 2000

Dear all,

After defenition, which I find in the biological textbooks or special papers, 
the trochophore, metatrochophore  and nectohaeta are "free swimming 
planktonic larvae........". How do you think, does it means, that incubated 
polychaete larvae (e.g. Spirorbidae)  having the typical morphology of 
trochophora etc. should not be named such?  

I suppose, that terms trochophore etc. are valid both for swimming and 
incubated larvae if these have adeqate morphology. Does it mean, that  
in this case defenitions in textbooks and other should be proof?  

Sincerely yours
Alexander Rzhavsky
sashka at
Moscow, Russia

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