Are germ-free worm colonies possible?

John Trimble jjtfa1 at
Wed Aug 9 17:07:55 EST 2000

Greetings colleagues,

I have a probably half-baked idea for an undergraduate research project 
that would be well served with a little advice from the subscribers of the 
annelida list serve.  

So... Could a group of undergraduates try to establish a gnotobiotic or 
germ-free colony of annelids, such as earthworms?  

I have found references about fungi, protozoans and bacteria having a role 
in worm diets but wonder if it might be possible to establish worms without 
living material as a food source or whether annelids might always require a 
symbiotic microflora?  

And how might we begin to approach this?

Your advice and perspective will be very appreciated.
Thank you.

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