Annelid mortality related to pesticide use Info

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Tue Aug 29 21:44:09 EST 2000

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> We are seeking information regarding the damage done to earthworm
> populations of commercial farmland by to use of pesticides.  Have annelid
> populations been reduced by heavy uses of pesticides?  We would
> appreciate any direction or assistance.  

Not my field (pun?), but for published science on the topic try Carl 
UnCover's free search web page. [You don't need 
to sign up - just find the 'search uncover now button' at the top on the page 
which opens from the 'search uncover' link on the home page].   

I got five hits for the simple search "earthworm* and pesticide"

Probably the literature cited of one or two of those papers would give 
further leads.

If perchance someone gave rather better advice than that off-list perhaps 
they could also post it to the list.  Thanks.   


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