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Wed Aug 30 00:58:27 EST 2000

Hello folks,

A word to everybody - People don't subscribe to ANNELIDA to see the 
questions - what they're interested in are the answers.  So remember 
ANNELIDA replies now don't go to the list address by default - you have to 
make the effort to include the address in your reply header. The value of 
this group is in its sharing and refining of useful information communicated 
amongst us all. And a quick public answer might save time of several others 
thinking of replying privately. So please post  to the list if you can.    

Questioners also have a responsibility to _consider_ sharing the private 
answers as  appropriate  - perhaps in very condensed form or perhaps 
some quotes in a summary (anonymised authors unless you're certain you 
have permission to identify them). Forget the polite "thank you" sent to the 
list - we much prefer the facts.       

Remember also ANNELIDA is a _discusssion_ list. Let's have some 
genuine friendly debate now and then.    

Administrivia: The only essential items in a signature are your name and e- 
mail address. The rest is (forgive me) dross. So, always, always, always 
sign off by including your e-mail address. If you don't then I'll do it for you.  
And I'm a connoisseur of good descriptive subject headers too. Make me 
happy and use one. Finally, I'm sure you would take the trouble to quote 
only the relevant part of a previous post if it were possible. Thanks for your 

By the way, if puzzled that your posting was not circulated you should first 
check carefully it was indeed sent to the list (most likely the problem), and 
secondly,  that on close re-examination, it made the grade as a worthwhile 
communication destined to be read by several hundred people, and is not a 
personal embarrassment you'd rather not have sent. I like to think I am 
fairly liberal in deciding this, and so anything that looks like it's relevant and 
took more than 15 seconds to compose will probably be circulated.       

Homily over. Thanks for listening.

Best regards to you all,  

ANNELIDA moderator (and spam killer)
Geoff Read < at>

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