Pelagic worms

Stan Rice 1 srice at
Mon Dec 11 16:08:06 EST 2000

I recently received a message and some images of pelagic polychaetes 
from Monterey, California. I have never seen worms like this (although most 
of my work has been with Alciopids and I have little direct experience with 
other pelagic families). I wonder if anyone on the list can help identify 
these worms? The message from Steve Haddock is listed below followed by 
his web site where the images can be viewed.  

"Thanks for the interest. We are a little bit mystified because it apparently 
had no setae. The depth collected was around 300 meters, here off 

Two of the images are in-situ pics from the ROV, showing how it was 
apparently munching on a ctenophore (lending credibility to an alciopid 
heritage). We have seen something similar from the Johnson-Sea-Link in 
years past...   

I'll be curious to hear your impressions. If you could also
cc' Erik (thuesene at and my colleague Karen Osborn
(oska at, I'm sure they'll be interested to hear as

The images can be seen at:

Stan Rice
Department of Biology
University of Tampa
Tampa, FL 33606

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