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Barrie Jamieson: CDROM on Australian earthworms with a 
general introduction

This CDROM electronic book describes all 45 genera and 
404 species of native Australian earthworms of the 
family Megascolecidae, subfamily Megascolecinae. There 
is an extensive introduction to anatomy, biology, 
oligochaete classification, molecular phylogeny and 
zoogeography which is of value to students of the 
Oligochaeta worldwide.

Purchase orders should be directed to the publishers, 
Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, New Hampshire, 
U.S.A. (see below) or enquiries to the author at 
BGMJamieson at

The price is Australian $99 or US $54 or pounds 
sterling 37.

Until February 28th 2001 there is a special price of 
Australian $ 45 or US $25 or pounds sterling 17 to 
individuals who also arrange purchase by their 
institution at the full price. All prices plus postage 
and handling of US $5 per CD.

The CD is also available in the following libraries: 
Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution - 
National Museum of Natural History, The British 
Library, The Zoology Library - Natural History Museum 
London, Cambridge University Library, Queensland 
Museum Library, Stockholm Museum of Natural History 

PDF Document for PC or Mac

Native Earthworms of Australia
(Megascolecidae, Megascolecinae)
B. G. M. Jamieson B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Queensland
Queensland 4072, Australia

Post Office Box 699
Enfield, New Hampshire 03748
United States of America
Internet site:
Sales at (marketing department)
Editor at (editorial department)
Info at (for all other inquiries)

ISBN 1-57808-161-0

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