Epson printers for labels

S.C.Byers scbyers at
Mon Feb 7 17:16:26 EST 2000

Label production is obviously a common concern. Here is part of a 
discussion extracted from the SPNHC list server NHCOLL:  

"Just my 2 cents worth, but I really like  my Epson LQ870 for impact 
printing of permanent ink "wet" labels...but I have always liked Epsons in 
general because they are a good value and mechanically, real work horses 
for high volume printing (in my case, thousands of 3"x5" labels per year 
without any mechanical failures or glitches in 7 years). The wide carriage 
Epson color printers are very suitable for printing distribution maps and the 
color resolution is excellent Lex, amsnyder at UNM.EDU"  

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