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Tue Feb 8 19:06:41 EST 2000

Hello everybody, 

Since there are so many people working on polychaetes in this list, 
I’ll give it a try: 

I’ve just finished my PhD and now I’m seeking a postdoctoral position in 
marine biology, animal physiology or cell biology, preferably in the UK, for 
2-3 years. During my work on the oogenesis in Nereis virens I’ve gained 
detailed expertise in the field of physiology and cell biology, including 
metabolite analysis by HPLC, microscopy, tracer techniques and the 
establishment of a cell culture system for isolated oocytes. I have 
characterised oocyte metabolism by determining enzyme activities, oxygen 
uptake and microcalorimetry. Although mainly working on a cellular level 
I’ve always kept in mind the behavioural and ecological context related to 
life history of polychaetes. This involved aspects of adaptation to the 
hypoxic environment, synchronisation of gametogenesis and spawning, as 
well as physical and hormonal signals. My fascination in marine 
ecosystems and my profound knowledge on intertidal species was 
strengthened in several field courses at the Mediterranean and the North 
Sea. I also have a 7 years experience as teaching assistant in lab courses 
on animal morphology, developmental biology, and cell differentiation.  

A detailed CV can be found at:

For references, please contact:

Dr. Ulrich Hoeger
uhoeger at


Dr. Adriaan Dorresteijn
dorreste at

So if you don’t know what to do with all the money and vacant 
positions in your lab, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Nicole Rebscher

Dr. Nicole Rebscher
Institute of Zoology I
Johannes Gutenberg University
Saarstrasse 21
55099 Mainz


rebscher at

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