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Hydrobiologia Volume 406, Issue , July 1999

* Past symposium attendees in the group photographs, 
pp. 1-7

* Retrospect and Prospect: reflections on forty years 
of study of aquatic oligochaetes.
Ralph O. Brinkhurst, pp. 9-19

* Preface, pp. 9-10

* List of Attendees, pp. 11-12

* In Memoriam - Dr Andreina Di Chiara (1937-1997), pp. 

* Zoogeography of branchiobdellidans (Annelida) and 
temnocephalidans (Platyhelminthes) ectosymbiotic on 
freshwater crustaceans, and their reactions to one 
another in vitro
Stuart R. Gelder, pp. 21-31

* Studies on the aquatic oligochaete fauna in Lake 
Biwa, central Japan. II. Records and taxonomic remarks 
of nine species
Akifumi Ohtaka, Machiko Nishino, pp. 33-47

* Monopylephorus camachoi nov. sp., a new 
rhyacodriline worm (Tubificidae: Clitellata) from the 
Coiba Island, on the east Pacific Coast of Panama
Pilar Rodriguez, pp. 49-55

* Records of Enchytraeidae (Clitellata) from the 
People's Republic of China
Hongzhu Wang, Zhicai Xie, Yanling Liang, pp. 57-66

* Distribution of freshwater oligochaetes in the west 
and east coastal regions of the North Pacific Ocean
Tarmo Timm, pp. 67-81

* Enzymatic variability in sympatric species of 
Tubifex (Clitellata: Tubificidae)
Andreina Paoletti Di Chiara, Manuela Pagani, Barbara 
Leoni, pp. 83-86

* Terrestrial polychaetes - models for the evolution 
of the Clitellata (Annelida)?
Günter Purschke, pp. 87-99

* Clitellate diversity in Nationalstadsparken, an 
urban national park in Stockholm, Sweden
Christer Erséus, Reinmar Grimm, Brenda Healy, Stefan 
Lundberg, Emilia Rota, Tarmo Timm, pp. 101-110

* Finding enchytraeid oligochaetes (Clitellata) in hot 
climates: species occurrence on the shores of Bermuda
Brenda Healy, Kathryn A. Coates, pp. 111-117

* Spatial distribution of oligochaetes (Clitellata) in 
the tidal freshwater and brackish parts of the Schelde 
estuary (Belgium)
J. Seys, M. Vincx, P. Meire, pp. 119-132

* Distribution and dispersal capacity of the Ponto-
Caspian tubificid oligochaete Potamothrix heuscheri 
(Bretscher, 1900) in Scandinavia
Göran Milbrink, pp. 133-142

* Oligochaeta and Aphanoneura in two Northern German 
hardwater lakes of different trophic state
Rut Collado , Peter Kasprzak , Rüdiger M. Schmelz , 
pp. 143-148

* Micro-distribution of oligochaetes in a soft-
bottomed lowland stream (Elsbeek; The Netherlands)
Piet F. M. Verdonschot, pp. 149-163

* Oligochaeta from the abyssal zone of Lake Baikal 
(Siberia, Russia)
Patrick Martin, Koen Martens, Boudewijn Goddeeris, pp. 

* Oligochaetes of Karavasta Lagoon (Albania). 
Preliminary results
S. Casellato, pp. 175-182

* A comparison among different population models for 
Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri Claparède (Oligochaeta, 
Andrea Pasteris, Martina Vecchi, Giuliano Bonomi, pp. 

* Assessment of secondary production of Naididae 
(Oligochaeta): an example from a North German lake
Boris Löhlein, pp. 191-198

* Ultrastructure and functional significance of 
intestinojunctional spermathecae in enchytraeids 
(Oligochaeta, Annelida)
Wilfried Westheide, pp. 199-211

* New sperm types in Naididae and Lumbriculidae 
(Annelida: Oligochaeta) and their possible 
phylogenetic implications
Marco Ferraguti , Christer Erséus , Irina Kaygorodova 
, Patrick Martin , pp. 213-222

* CLSM analysis of serotonin-immunoreactive neurons in 
the central nervous system of Nais variabilis, Slavina 
appendiculata and Stylaria lacustris (Oligochaeta: 
René Hessling, Monika C. Müller, Wilfried Westheide, 
pp. 223-233

* Tubificoides benedii (Tubificidae, Oligochaeta) - a 
pioneer in hypoxic and sulfidic environments. An 
overview of adaptive pathways
O. Giere, J.-H. Preusse, N. Dubilier, pp. 235-241

* Decoupling of fission and regenerative capabilities 
in an asexual oligochaete
Alexandra E. Bely, pp. 243-251

* Autotomy reflex in a freshwater oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegatus 
(Clitellata: Lumbriculidae)
Nalena M. Lesiuk , Charles D. Drewes , pp. 253-261

* Helical swimming and body reversal behaviors in Lumbriculus variegatus 
(Annelida: Clitellata: Lumbriculidae)
Charles D. Drewes, pp. 263-269

* Bioaccumulation test with Tubificid Sludgeworms in 
artificial media - development of a standardisable 
Philipp Egeler , J. Römbke , M. Meller , Th. Knacker , 
R. Nagel , pp. 271-280

* Lumbriculids, branchiobdellidans and leeches: an 
overview of recent progress in phylogenetic research 
on clitellates
Ralph O. Brinkhurst, pp. 281-290

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