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Geoff Read wrote:
> ... a scatter  plot that looks like it will have abysmal predictive
> power.  [etc]

In contrast for seep clams in a related habitat: 

Barry, J. P.; Kochevar, R. E. 1998: A tale of two clams: differing 
chemosynthetic life styles among vesicomyids in Monterey Bay cold 
seeps. Cahier de Biologie Marine 39(3-4): 329-331.  

These authors produced a stunningly accurate match of  von Bertalanffy 
growth curves with size increments for Calyptogena kilmeri and C. 
pacifica based on mark and replace. They concluded C. pacifica 
requires 60-150 years to  approach a maximum size. Note the range 
despite the superb precision of the fitted graph.  

They did not, however, claim any longevity records (& I note Myle's 
O'Reilly's posting re Ocean Quahog Clam suggested age, and the various 
other postings where animals have been aged directly from isotopes, 

I have no idea why cold seep vestimentiferans do not make nice regular 
growth increments on their tubes. But, as they don't, maybe age 
estimates from tube data should not be regarded as cast-in-stone-tablet 

With that I should probably give it a rest for now.

   Geoff Read <gread at actrix.gen.nz>

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