Polychaete literature: intermediary in call for help

Harry A. ten Hove hove at bio.uva.nl
Fri Feb 25 16:12:13 EST 2000

Dear colleagues,

A few months ago I was approached for help regarding polychaete literature by:

Jaiza Ali Abd El Naby, Asst.Lect.Nat.Inst.Oceanography & Fisheries, 88 Abd
El Salam Arif, Glym, ALEXANDRIA  Egypt.

She is working for her PhD in polychaete distribution, and presently
apparently using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to differentiate
between taxa. Last week she sent me a handwritten letter enquiring about:

- a review of Terebellidae (Polycirrus, Amphitrite, Terebella)

- ditto of Sabellidae (Myxicola, Sabella)

- Phyllodocidae (Eulalia, Phyllodoce)

- Spionidae (Polydora, Scolelepis, Aonides, Prionospio).

 From the fact that she did not use Email, notwithstanding the fact that 
she has my Email address, I gather that she does not have access to this 
luxury. I am certain that any help will be appreciated if you might have 
either reprints of your own, duplicates regarding these topics, or even 
suggestions where to find good reviews on these genera.  


dr. Harry A. ten Hove
Institute for Systematics and Ecology
Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam
POB 94766, 1090 GT AMSTERDAM

TEL. 3120 5256906
FAX. 3120 5255402

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