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Dear Colleagues,

After a short preliminary announcement last year Prof. Westheide and I 
would like to draw your attention on the release of a book on reproductive 
and developmental aspects in annelids. This special volume No. 142 of the 
series DEVELOPMENTS in HYDROBIOLOGY (produced by Kluwer 
Academic Publishers) contains the contributions of a symposium held at 
Osnabrueck in September 1997. These contributions previously appeared 
in Volume 402 of Hydrobiologia. We here add the contents and 
contributors to the release of the book-version. You will find additional 
information on this release under the URL-address: 

On behalf of Prof. Westheide I wish you all a happy and successful New 
Year and pleasant reading.   

Adriaan Dorresteijn

Reproductive Strategies and Developmental Patterns in Annelids
edited by
Adriaan W.C. Dorresteijn
Zoological Institute, Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Wilfried Westheide
Dept. of Biology/Chemistry, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Volume 142

Reprinted from HYDROBIOLOGIA, 402 

The fascination of the Annelida to scientists lies in the beauty of their 
structures and the functionality of their body plan, the tremendous adaptive 
radiation which has made it possible for these animals to colonize almost all 
marine, limnic and terrestrial biotopes. In doing so they have evolved a 
great variety of life forms, and their reproduction and development are 
correspondingly diverse, with many modes and patterns unique in the 
animal kingdom. In this special volume recent progress in this broad 
research area is presented by 26 specialists, in general through surveys or 
treatments of selected examples. Some of them review important annelid 
taxa such as the Nereididae, Syllidae, Spionidae, Cirratulidae, Clitellata, 
and Pogonophora; others analyse reproductive and developmental 
structures and phenomena in annelids, e.g. segmental organs, sex 
pheromones, oogenesis, mating systems, sperm types, life cycles, larval 
settlement, cleavage and symmetry of embryos, or discuss controversial 
approaches to annelid systematics. The book will be of interest to all 
zoologists who work with annelids as well as to embryologists and other 
researchers in reproductive biology.  

      Contents and Contributors

Preface. List of participants. Reproductive and developmental phenomena 
in annelids: a source of exemplary research problems; A.E. Fischer. 
Structure, function and development of segmental organs in Annelida; T. 
Bartolomaeus. Reproduction of the Syllidae (Annelida: Polychaeta); H.-D. 
Franke. Reproduction and larval development of the spioniform Polychaeta 
with application to systematics and phylogeny; J.A. Blake, P.L. Arnofsky. 
Reproduction and development in Cirratulidae (Annelida: Polychaeta); M.E. 
Petersen. Divergence of reproductive and developmental characteristics in 
Hediste (Polychaeta: Nereididae); M. Sato. Nereidid polychaetes as model 
organisms for marine chemical ecology; J.D. Hardege. Metabolite supply 
in oocytes of Nereis virens: role of nucleosides; U. Hoeger, et al. 
Polychaete aquaculture and polychaete science: a mutual synergism; 
P.J.W. Olive. Development of Perviata and Vestimentifera (Pogonophora); 
E.C. Southward. Sexual conflict and mating systems in the dorvilleid 
Ophryotrocha and the dinophilid Dinophilus; G. Sella, L. Ramella. 
Polychaete sperm: Phylogenetic and functional considerations; G.W. 
Rouse. Sperm types and their use for a phylogenetic analysis of aquatic 
clitellates; M. Ferraguti, C. Erséus. Larval settlement of polychaetes; P.-Y. 
Qian. Conservation and innovation in spiralian development; J.J. Henry, 
M.Q. Martindale. The ancestral cleavage pattern of the clitellates and its 
phylogenetic deviations; W. Dohle. Cellular origins of bilateral symmetry in 
glossiphoniid leech embryos; D.A. Weisblat. Systematization of the 
Annelida: different approaches; W. Westheide, et al. Index.  

      Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht 
        a.. Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-6018-4
        December 1999, 328 pp.
        NLG 320.00 / USD 169.00 / GBP 106.00

Prof. Dr. Adriaan Dorresteijn
Universität Mainz
Zoologisches Institut Abt. 1
D-55099 Mainz
Tel.: 06131-3924273
Email: dorreste at

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