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colleagues, especially Mediterranean ones,

Something is bothering me

Salensky 1882: 347 on Psygmobranchus protensus (reported to be a synonym of
Protula tubularia):
"abondamment dans le golfe de Naples. .. . Elle pond une enorme 
quantite d'oeufs qui s'accolent au bord externe de la coquille. Reunis en 
boule, leur forme rapelle celle d'une poire. Les oeufs sont revetus 
exterieurement d'une substance gelatineuse; ..." (I purposely left out 
diacritical marks, they will be maltreated by some machines).  

LoBianco 1888: 404; 1909: 586 on Psygmobranchus protensus first, 
Protula tubularia later:  
"I nidamenti gelatinosi contengono uova rosso e sono deposti sull'orlo del 
tubo calcareo dell'animale. .."  

Two explicit statements that Protula tubularia shows a form of brood care, 
between april and august. Nevertheless, in the over 200 literature records 
of the taxon (for what is is worth) I have seen, I noted no further 
reference to this habit. Myself, I collected quite a few "Protula", though 
admittedly probably not in the reproductive period, and I have never seen 
such behaviour. In more recent diving guides I have seen colour 
photographs of the fairly common taxon, no reference to red gelatinous 

Who can tell me more about this?

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