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Torleif Holthe Torleif.Holthe at
Sat Jan 22 14:34:55 EST 2000

According to our computer specialist who works with samples from fresh-
water investigations, the paper quality is essential. Ordinary type-writer 
paper won't work, the surface will dissolve in alcohol and the characters 
are lost. For labels we have as long as I can remember (35 years) and 
probably long before that, used the best paper quality  legally available 
(money quality is not!).  

Photocopying will not work, the symbols will eventually be washed off. To 
day we use a laser printer, but I really do not know what those labels will 
look like in a hundred years.  

Torleif Holthe
Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, NTNU, Trondheim
<Torleif.Holthe at>

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