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In the Marine Biodiversity Section, National Museum of Wales, we use a 
pigmented ink on a fluid stable paper (Resistall paper), which we use to 
refill the ink cartridges in Hewlett Packard  inkjet printers. Simple laser 
printing or photocoping etc. on ordinary paper are not recommended.  

The ink is made by  Essette Dateline for HP printers and is a 
"Waterproof Permanent Pigmented Ink".  The kit comes with refill bottles 
of ink and a long syringe. The ink is introduced into the HP cartridges 
through a hole that is present in these (Epson print cardridges are not 
refillable).   We use the ink in either an HP 870cxi or HP660, though I 
believe it can also be used in 500 series printers.  The refill packs are 
labelled for the series of HP printer to be used, but basically it seems the 
only difference is that the ink refills are different sizes in the different 

We print the labels from Filemaker Pro, which we use for laying out our 
registration sheets, creating lists in various formats, as well as producing 
various label type. Once the labels are printed the Resistall sheets have to 
be left for a day (at least) to made sure the ink is fully dry before 
exposure to alcohol. So far, after a couple of years now, the labels 
printed seem fine (we did some' long term'; i.e. 1 year tests before 
buying). Depending upon the  label design you can get many ona sheet. 
I think our most common size label can be printed at about 32 per A4 

One word of warning. We had a lot of problems obtaining supplies. It 
may even be that the ink is no longer available. If you do try to find some 
and are successful, I'd be interested to hear from you. Although we have 
a good stock for the present, it would be good to locate a reliable 

All the best, Andy
Dr Andrew S.Y. Mackie
Head of Marine Biodiversity Section
Department of Biodiversity
 and Systematic Biology (BioSyB)
National Museum of Wales
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NP

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