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Dr. Dieter Fiege dfiege at
Mon Jan 24 16:14:52 EST 2000

We have made similar experience with photocopied labels. In alcohol the 
type just comes off in small fragments after a while.  

However, labels done with a laserprinter (HP LJ III or IV) seem to be ok - at 
least when printed on special paper (110 g/m2, color: faint brown; called " 
elefant hide" by the German manufacturer). When using the ordinary 
white, 80 g/m2 paper the type is sensible against rubbing or bending.  

We have laser printed labels on "elefant hide" in alcohol (70%) for more 
than 3 years now and they are still ok, but I know from Linda Ward at the 
Smithsonian that they tried labels printed with various laserprinters and 
were not satisfied.  

To be on the safe side we always write the catalogue number in pencil on 
the backside of the label. So if for some reason the type would come off 
unnoticed we could always recover the information from our database.  

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