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Mon Jan 24 22:29:59 EST 2000

List members,

An administrivia comment: I've just noticed that, under the new host site 
management of the list since mid December, there is no 
<annelida at> reply-to option in the list of possible headers to 
reply-to.  It may be this can't be altered, but I will see if something can be 
done. Without it there will be a tendency for replies to default to the original 
poster's address. We don't want that as it stifles discussion. Please don't 
reply to the 'nobody' address!!!! That goes to ... yes ... nobody, and thus is 
not a very satisfying experience for you.   

Now the labels: This is a perennial topic. As for little laser printers being 
better than great big photocopy machines I'm not so sure. Both fuse vinyl 
particles onto paper, and there is school of thought that (only some?) 
photocopy machines operate at a higher temperature and thus fuse better. 
Some standard papers, regardless of thickness, may be more porous and 
rough textured and so hold print better. Other observations I've seen 
mentioned are that spraying a plastic fixative on the paper might be an 
idea, and that any fatty specimen produces chemicals which rapidly 
degrade the print.  

Dieter Fiege's suggestion of a handwritten number in addition is a good 
one,  but I would use ink, not pencil, - it dyes the paper.  

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